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Welcome to INVEST-NORD Tourist Office website

Greetings to all visitors of our website. We would like to invite you to use this often and to feel free to contact our office.

Our main activity is organising tourist events based in our own holiday centres. We have two complexes based in Puszcza Augustowska (Augustów Forest) and Pojezierze Elckie (Ełk Lake District); renown as the most attractive spots in the area known as the ?Green lungs of Poland?


We organise holidays, conferences and corporate team building events (both locally and abroad), summer camps for youth, camping adventures and school excursions, outdoor schools, sports camps, and foreign trips, mainly to the Baltic states, and especially to Lithuania.

We also cooperate with companies, which, based on our accommodation facilities and full board, independently organise youth camps, sports and sailing camps, green schools, conferences and training, or use our centres as a transit base for tourist groups travelling to the Baltic states.

As a tourist agency we also offer foreign trips and coach tickets.


INVEST-NORD Tourist Office is a member of the Polish Chamber of Tourism.